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BassDancer™ Worms

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  • The soft BassDancer™ lures comes in a package of 8 Pcs, Using environmentally-friendly plastic material, creating life-like swimming actions in water.
  • The BassDancer™ Baits is an environmental soft plastic bait that is an absolute staple in every bass angler's tackle box. The BassDancer™ Bait is definitely one of the weightless soft plastic baits for Texas rigged or Carolina rigged wicky rigged ,drop shot rigged.
  • A very realistic action is created by the BassDancer™ lift and drop. Most often used in shallow areas with targets such as docks, brush, etc., the BassDancer™ Bait can really penetrate deep into such areas with it backwards decent.
  • The TPTackle BassDancer™ may just look like a thick round plastic but the fall rate created from the mixture used and anise oil drives fish mad.
  • The TPTackle BassDancer™ has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. 
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The Travis behind the Trav

Having a degree in fisheries and wildlife science with an emphasis in fisheries, fishing is not only his passion, but his life. Meet Travis Powers. With an intimate knowledge of his target species, lure making with correct color schemes is simply second nature.